An Action-Adventure Reality Show Intended for TV.  Thirteen episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, broadcasted weekly.

Genre: Reality show 



Script: Petr Jákl jr. a Radan Dolejš 

Tech. Parameters:

Panem et circenses - Bread and Games

Hasta La Vista Hero is an action-adventure based Reality Show which references classics and legends of world cinema. Its basic idea, thoroughly applied in the TV environment, fulfills the main parameters of the two most popular enticements of the current TV audience. The first being a fulfilment of the common dream: given the right chance in life, every one of us can be famous and popular. The second being a chance to actively influence the life of someone else: either through text messages or phone calls. Just like in the Coliseum of Ancient Rome, the viewers will decide which contestant wins the top prize. And sometimes it will be regardless of how he or she did in the actual contest. Their “Hero” will be elected based on personal feelings and affection. Those who want to win this contest have to show a large amount of courage, a strong will, a sense of humour and last but not least, a sense of fair play (good sportsmanship).

Audaces fortuna kyvat - A faint heart never won a fair lady
The aim of the game

The very first episode will highlight the demanding audition which will result in the selection of 12 contestants who will be divided into two teams of 6. The actual contest will be divided into eleven, 60 minute long, weekly broadcasted episodes. The 13th ,and final episode, will air the best takes (scenes) from the show and will be presented as a big party together with a pie fight which will take place in the house given to the winner of the show. Based on fixed rules, in each episode the contestants will compete in 2 demanding indoor and 1 outdoor challenge. They will have to get over their fears, get the best out of themselves, and show strong will and determination to win. All the challenges will be conceived to be rough but entertaining and are intended to remind the viewers of scenes from famous action and adventure movies. Challenges will be selected in order to make the viewers move along the imaginary line between fear and laughter (to make the viewers sit on the edge of their seats). The individual episodes will be drafted as spectacular shows and recorded by film technology in order to achieve maximum viewer experience. The main difference between this show and all other similar current contests, lies in the style of filming and in the film poetry of the whole show.
We aim to offer the TV viewers an exciting epic consisting of 13 episodes in which our heroes will experience their adventures and at the end of which, one of them will fulfil their dream of winning.
At the end of each contest the TV viewers can send text messages with their votes for the “Gladiator” they like most, together with negative votes for the one they want expelled from the show. After the positive and negative votes have been counted, the contestant who gathers the least positive votes will be evicted from the show literally and physically (e.g. off a rock into the water or even off a plane etc.). Apart from the first “audition” episode and the finale, in each episode there will be one contestant evicted, until there are only two left to compete for the winner’s prize. The studio audience will be divided into 12 teams of 20. In that way each contestant will have their own spectator team which will support him or her. The members of the spectator team will be wearing appropriate period costumes. These “spectator” teams will be evicted from the show together with their contestant. Each week, the winning contestant’s spectator team will win a reasonable prize.
In each episode, the presenter of the show will portray a particular film character (Indiana Jones, James Bond, Gladiator, Rambo, etc.). The whole episode will be dedicated to the adventures of that character and the contestants will face similar critical moments characteristic for that film hero. The presenter has five helpers (little people in costumes) who will try their best to distract the contestants. The contestants will be divided into two teams. Each team will have a captain who will not compete. Each episode will begin with an action film clip introducing the world of our film character. Like in the Bond movies, the end of one action scene usually introduces a new adventure. The acting in the film clips will be done by the presenter, both captains, the helpers and some stuntmen. Each of the film clips will introduce the challenge which will take place within the same film set. Each episode will also be “enriched” by two other film clips taken by a hidden camera with the help of the two captains and with the purpose of catching someone off guard. Another means of diversifying the show will be the Home Video competition which will, in line with the previous hidden camera clips and the rest of the show, be rough but funny. Based on a win or loss, each contestant will be richly rewarded or harshly punished. The tense atmosphere of the demanding tasks will be alleviated by a rough but funny cartoon “Happy Tree Friends” and musical guests along the lines of hardrock or new-metal bands like Rammstein or Linkin Park. It is also possible to invite musicians who participated on soundtracks of the relevant movies.
All competition episodes will be filmed on the set called Stone Temple, which is artistically very impressively thought out and is reminiscent of the film atmosphere from classics such as Indiana Jones, Predator or the Alien movies. The studio will remind us of a ceremonial temple-cave of the old Mayans or Aztecs with a large sacrificial altar in the middle. It will be enhanced with many metal-sheathed doors set in the rock and wrought iron trap doors in the floors which lead to the underground maze. The doors and trap doors are our exits from the outside world, the entrance into the reality of the film clips and challenges. The set should evoke feelings of mystery associated with the world of film.

In order to get to know the contestants better, and to be able to share in their success and failure, the whole show will be spiced up by “Reality” interviews with the contestants and their family members, the spectator teams, etc.

Auri sacra fames! Cursed hunger for gold!

Hasta La Vista hero is above all, a game to win a relatively large fortune. The one who will get over all the obstacles and contests to the very end of this Indiana Jones-type Odyssey will win a hut, an SUV and an adventurous trip around the world for two people.

Action-Adventure Reality Show

This show will,for the first time, intertwine reality shows with film. It connects action and adventure movies known worldwide, with the contestant‘s strong courage and will to succeed in physically and psychologically demanding tasks.

Tasks - Rambo with leaches photo and Indiana Jones spiders and snakes
Tasks and challenges similar to the scenes from adventure and action movies will be used, e.g. attached leaches from Rambo or eating of raw meat combined with drinking Cod liver oil; walking through an area filled with snakes or spiders as in Indiana Jones etc.

Presenter - Photo of Petr Jákl as Conan and XXX
Petr Jákl is the presenter for the show in the Czech republic and possibly also for english speaking countries (see clip Conan-DVD). He has worked as a stuntman for several years (Joan of Arc, Angelina etc.) and as an actor in hollywood blockbusters such as: Bad Company, XXX, Eurotrip, Aliens vs Predator etc.

Screenplay writers
Petr Jákl (Death is the Limit) and Radan Dolejš, who is currently one of the most successful dramaturgists and screenwriters in the Czech republic.

The approximate budget for shooting all eleven competition episodes in the Czech film studios is very attractive. It also includes transport of all the contestants. The budget for each episode filmed on a high quality material and ready for broadcasting in all European and other countries is approximatelly 70 000 €.

Thirteen episodes, each lasting 60 minutes, broadcasted weekly.
Trailer available on www.jaklpetr.cz.

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