A black comedy about an unlikely hero.

Genre: Comedy 

Director: Marek Dobeš 


Script: Marek Dobeš, Štěpán Kopřiva 

Tech. Parameters:

35 mm, Dolby Digital 90 minut

A black comedy about an unlikely hero

The Führer is back

The fact that he is cloned and crazy doesn’t stop him from wanting to clear his name and do good deeds. Or at least try to …

Adolf Hitler is the master of the world. As a clone of the actual Führer, he won World War II and his Third Reich now, at the start of the twenty-first century, extends from Asia to Africa. His control in Uganda is on the verge of disaster. At least in his imagination. The truth is somewhat different. Hitler is an experimental animal. Under the slogan, ‘who else deserves this?’, new drugs are tested on him. So Hitler now lives on stories about the war he thinks he has won, the necessity to remain isolated because he is ill, and on dozens of experimental medications. Once the ex-Führer finds out the truth, he runs away. It is a real shock for him to realize that he is not the world’s actual ruler but rather, a historical caricature. When he recovers, he decides to astonish the entire universe. He wants to change fundamentally and prove to everyone that one should not be judged by appearance but by what one is really like. That’s why he decides to do good deeds and clear his name. The „new“ Adolf finds himself in many comical situations – they crop up in abundance, so it’s not long till we witness the first one. As part of their research project to develop the pure essence of evil, the scientists who have cloned Hitler are planning to do the same with Satan himself. This will of course mean the end of the world.

So Adolf Hitler must save the world.

But given his nature, it certainly won’t be easy …

Štěpán Kopřiva and Jiří Pavlovský
They have written the screenplays for the short films The Executioner, Explicit Evidence and together with Marek Dobeš, the short movie I Was a Teenage Intellectual. They have also written two scripts for feature film(See & Die, Order of Emperor) and another for a TV series The Place Above. Stepan Kopriva wrote two more screenplays for feauture film – the historical comedy Musica Viva and the black comedy Choking Hazard.

Marek Dobeš
He wrote and directed the short films The Executioner, Explicit Evidence and the short horror comedy I Was a Teenage Intellectual (Golden Award on Wordfest Houston and a main prize in Austrian Ebensee). The black comedy Choking Hazard (festivals: Tribeca in New York, Karlovy Vary and Hamburg) is his feature length debut which has already been sold for distribution in the US.

From Variety about Choking Hazard:
„Helmer Marek Dobes keeps cheeky fun at the fore, with buckets of raspberry-hued gore fleshing out odd rhythms of double-take comedy.“ By Eddie Cockrell

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